Fenerbahçe's Top Five Moments in the Euroleague This Season.

Fenerbahçe’s Top Five Moments in the Euroleague This Season.

Fenerbahçe is feverishly preparing for the Final Four in Berlin, where they will face Panathinaikos in the first semi-final of the competition.

Epic Qualification Journey

Now counting down to the first jump ball of the match, the Euroleague continues its tributes. Fenerbahçe had its honor on Tuesday, 21/5.

The Turkish team qualified after an epic series with Monaco. It became the first team in the history of the Euroleague to qualify for the Final Four by breaking the home of the opponent in game 5. Fenerbahçe now awaits Panathinaikos in a duel that is expected to take your breath away.

Best Plays of the Season

Watch the video presented by the Euroleague, showcasing the five best plays of Fenerbahçe this season:


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