Fenerbahce’s Nigel Hayes-Davies on Final Four Ambitions.

Nigel Hayes-Davies Discusses Fenerbahce’s Prospects in the Final Four.

Nigel Hayes-Davies spoke about the presence of Fenerbahce in the Final Four and emphasized that in this big meeting, everyone has a chance to win the trophy.

What the Fenerbahce ace said:
“I’m happy to be here. We are here to play and to do it the best we can. Coach Bartzokas said that they are the best teams here and all of them can be defeated. We want to have the best possible performance. I don’t have my cat here, but I think about it a lot.”

On Fenerbahce’s Records.

“When the coach came, he tried to increase the pace and let us run. It gave us confidence and trust. As far as records go, it’s been a good month. We played well and at a high level. I played a good game. Each player had his own contribution. In a Final Four, you never know what will happen.”


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