Fenerbahce vs Monaco: Playoffs Game 3 Prediction & Analysis.

Fenerbahce hosts Monaco tonight for Game 3 of the playoffs at Ülker Sports and Event Hall at 17:45 (UTC). Fenerbahce managed to win Game 1 in overtime while losing Game 2, and the series is tied for both teams. Today, they will try to take advantage of their strong home court and aim to take the lead in the series, giving them high hopes of qualifying for the Final 4. Undoubtedly, Monaco is a formidable team, and we anticipate an excellent game, with their star player, M. James, needing to give his all if Monaco wants to secure the win. On the home side, we have witnessed the excellent form of T. Dorsey and S. Wilbekin, while it’s possible that the main center, J. Motley, may be absent once again.

Fenerbahce latest news.

There is optimism within Fenerbahce after the 1-1 series draw against Monaco, and now they must capitalize on their strong home court advantage in the next two games to secure their ticket to the Final 4. Fenerbahce appears to be in their best form since the start of the season, evident in their energetic performance on the court. With a deep roster, Šarūnas Jasikevičius has a plethora of quality options to secure a victory against Monaco tonight. While the crowd undoubtedly provides a boost for the team, as Fener’s coach mentioned, it’s ultimately the players who score and play defense. This underscores Fenerbahce’s dedication to their goal, which is none other than reaching the Final 4.

Monaco status and latest news.

Monaco is experiencing a turnaround in their recent games of the regular season, and now they must display character and return to their excellent performances. This primarily relies on their star player, M. James, who will need to exert extra effort and provide the necessary boost for his team to secure victory in Istanbul. While Sasa Obradovic, facing no injury concerns, acknowledges that his roster is more limited compared to Fenerbahce, he understands the importance of finding solutions to navigate the next two away matches against Monaco.

Monaco’s gameplay has become somewhat predictable, so they must once again focus on their frontline, as they did in Game 2, where D. Motiejunas scored 18 points.

Fenerbahce vs Monaco Playoffs Game 3: Betting tips.

I anticipate a game similar to the previous two in this match, although I have identified some players who can provide us with favorable odds in a combined bet. I believe Fenerbahce is in better form, better condition, and has more options on their roster to defeat Monaco tonight. Therefore, I’m making the following selection:

Fenerbahce vs Monaco Playoffs Game 3: Fenerbahce to win with a handicap of -4.5 points. Odds: 1.79

Bet Builder:

As mentioned earlier, I anticipate Monaco to stick with the same formula that secured their victory in Game 2. Therefore, in my combined bet, I’m selecting:

  • Over 12.5 points: D. Motiejunas
  • Over 8.5 Points: J. Blossomgame
  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: M. James
  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: E. Okobo

Total Odds: 56.




  1. Sehmus Hazer #2
  2. Scottie Wilbekin #3
  3. Melih Mahmutoğlu #10
  4. Mert Ekşioğlu #15
  5. Marko Gudurić #23
  6. Tyler Dorsey #27
  7. Nick Calathes #33
  8. Yam Madar #41


  1. Metecan Birsen #1
  2. Nigel Hayes-Davis #11
  3. Tarık Biberovic #13
  4. Amine Noua #17
  5. Dyshawn Pierre #21
  6. Hamza Mestoglu #22
  7. Nathan Sestina #77


  1. Johnathan Motley #0
  2. Sertac Sanli #5
  3. Georgios Papagiannis #9


  • Saras Jasikevicius



  1. Elie Okobo #2
  2. Jordan Loyd #3
  3. Kemba Walker #15
  4. Terry Tarpey #22
  5. Yakuba Ouattara #24
  6. Matthew Strazel #32
  7. Mike James #55


  1. Jaron Blossomgame #4
  2. John Brown #10
  3. Alpha Diallo #11


  1. Petr Cornelie #12
  2. Mam Jaiteh #14
  3. Donatas Motiejūnas #20
  4. Donta Hall #45


  • Saša Obradović


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