Fenerbahce vs Monaco: Game 4 Prediction & Analysis.

Fenerbahce vs Monaco: Game 4 Prediction & Analysis.

Fenerbahce hosts Monaco today for Game 4 of their playoff series. The hosts, with a win, advance to the Final 4 in Berlin and await the opponent that will emerge between Panathinaikos and Maccabi. At this stage, Fenerbahce appears quite upbeat and ready to overcome the obstacle of Monaco, which seems to lack freshness. The experienced N. Calathes seems to be in great shape, but the player who may have stood out more than anyone for Fenerbahce in the series is T. Dorsey, who appeared to be a catalyst, especially in the first two wins of the Turkish team.

As for Monaco, the truth is that we have been expecting some reaction at some point. However, it has taken a long time now, and I’m unsure if, now that they are possibly playing their last game, they will manage to awaken and remind us of the team we have seen until recently. Much will, of course, depend on the team’s star, M. James, who will carry the load for the team. Nonetheless, in Game 3, we also witnessed A. Diallo having a great game after a long layoff.

Fenerbahce vs Monaco: What we expect to see in game 4.

Personally, I don’t perceive much difference in the games between them, as both teams approach the games almost predictably. In Game 4 of the playoffs, I expect to once again see a lot of initiative from T. Dorsey, who responded well to Saras Jasikevicius’ strategies. On the Monaco side, Saša Obradović will definitely need to make some game-changing decisions if they want to have any luck in Game 4, perhaps focusing more on the guard position. Maybe J. Motley will also return on Fenerbahce’s side, making it difficult for Monaco to exploit their frontline as easily as they have done so far.

One potential strategy for Monaco is to score from the three-point line, and they will rely on all their weapons to do so. E. Okobo and M. James are at the top of the list, capable of sinking long-range shots and propelling Monaco, which is truly playing its most critical game in the Euroleague this season, into the qualification game.

Fenerbahce vs Monaco Game 4: Betting tips.

Given the potentially final game of the season for Monaco in the Euroleague, I anticipate a high-scoring match, consistent with both teams’ usual style. Undoubtedly, the advantage lies in Fenerbahce’s favor, and I believe they will secure qualification for the Final 4 tonight. However, there remains a chance for Monaco to cause an upset. Consequently, I opt for a betting option focused on the guest’s points rather than predicting the winner:

Fenerbahce vs Monaco Game 4: Monaco to score over 87.5 points – Odds: 4.1

Bet Builder:

For our combo bet, I think there’s a good chance that the visitors’ perimeter scoring will come true, so I’m going with the following picks:

  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: M. James
  • Over 1.5 3-pointer made: E. Okobo
  • Over 4.5 rebounds: A. Diallo
  • Over 84.5 points: Monaco

Odds: 27.5




  • Sehmus Hazer #2
  • Scottie Wilbekin #3
  • Melih Mahmutoglu #10
  • Mert Eksioglu #15
  • Marko Guduric #23
  • Tyler Dorsey #27
  • Nick Calathes #33
  • Yam Madar #41


  • Metecan Birsen #1
  • Nigel Hayes-Davis #11
  • Tarik Biberovic #13
  • Amine Noua #17
  • Dyshawn Pierre #21
  • Hamza Mestoglu #22
  • Nathan Sestina #77


  • Johnathan Motley #0
  • Sertac Sanli #5
  • Georgios Papagiannis #9


  • Saras Jasikevicius



  • Elie Okobo #2
  • Jordan Loyd #3
  • Kemba Walker #15
  • Terry Tarpey #22
  • Yakuba Ouattara #24
  • Matthew Strazel #32
  • Mike James #55


  • Jaron Blossomgame #4
  • John Brown #10
  • Alpha Diallo #11


  • Petr Cornelie #12
  • Mam Jaiteh #14
  • Donatas Motiejunas #20
  • Donta Hall #45


  • Sasa Obradovic


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