Fenerbahçe Vs. Efes: Round 33 Match Prediction.

Fenerbahçe Vs. Efes: Round 33 Match Prediction.

Most eyes in the 33rd round are on the Turkish derby between Fenerbahce and Efes, taking place tonight, April 5, 2024, at Ülker Sports and Event Hall at 17:45 (UTC). The host, Fenerbahce, is seeking a win to reclaim 5th place in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague standings. They dropped to 6th place yesterday after Olympiacos’ victory at the Stark Arena against Crvena Zvezda. On the other hand, visiting Efes is also aiming for a win for another reason. Currently occupying 10th place in the Euroleague standings, a position securing them a ticket to the play-in, they risk elimination if they lose tonight. Both Armani Milan and Partizan are vying for the 10th spot with strong claims.

Fenerbahçe Status and latest news.

Fenerbahçe has been displaying excellent form on the court lately, boasting an impressive winning streak. Their latest victory occurred in Round 32 with a dominant 103-68 win over Alba Berlin. N. Hayes-Davis contributed significantly with an outstanding 50 points, showcasing to Europe that Fenerbahçe is a strong contender for this season’s Euroleague title. It’s worth noting that they became the second team this season to emerge victorious from the formidable home court of Real Madrid, following Panathinaikos, with a score of 79-89 in Week 28.

In today’s game against Efes, Fenerbahçe will likely field a full roster, with the only uncertainty surrounding M. Guduric.

Status and latest news of Efes.

Efes is currently striving to salvage what has been a less-than-successful year. With some promising performances in recent games and benefiting from the results of their opponents, they currently occupy 10th place, which, if maintained, will secure their ticket to the play-in. However, this route passes through Fenerbahce, presenting them with a serious challenge.

In assessing Efes’ performance on the court, two distinct trends emerge. Firstly, the team demonstrates strength when playing at home, evident in victories over formidable rivals such as Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. This dominance is corroborated by their home record of 12 wins and only 4 defeats. Conversely, when playing away from home, their performance falters, characterized by a lack of energy and determination. Away from home, Efes has managed just 3 wins while suffering defeat 13 times.

Today’s game holds significant importance, demanding a victory. Whether Efes can achieve this remains a pressing question. Tomislav Mijatovic will not have E. Gazi available for the match against Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahçe vs. Efes: Who will win? Betting advice.

If we consider the current condition and form of the two teams, I believe Fenerbahce is the clear favorite against the weaker away side, Efes. I anticipate they will secure the win, whether it comes easily or through a hard-fought battle. In my view, the only accomplishment Efes might achieve is keeping the point differential close to its current level, which stands at -31 (PTS+/PTS-). Therefore, my prediction is:

Fenerbahçe vs. Efes: Fenerbahçe to win with a handicap of -3.5.

I also recommend a Bet Builder that has a chance to happen in this match.

  • Elijah Bryant: Over 9.5 Points
  • Nigel Hayes-Davis: Over 15.5 Points
  • Will Clyburn: Over 15.5 Points
  • Shane Larkin: Over 2.5 3points made


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