Fenerbahçe Beko Organizes Final Four Media Day.

Fenerbahçe Beko Men’s Basketball Team held the EuroLeague 2024 Final Four Media Day at the Basketball Museum. The event included photo shoots and interviews, followed by a press conference with General Manager Derya Yannier, Head Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius, and players Nigel Hayes-Davis and Nick Calathes. They shared their thoughts on the upcoming Final Four.

General Manager Derya Yannier:

“Reaching the Final Four is a significant achievement for Fenerbahçe. When Fenerbahçe makes it to the Final Four, it is always a top contender for the title.”

“It’s a pleasure to be here celebrating Fenerbahçe Beko’s return to the Final Four. This is my third year with Fenerbahçe. From the start, I aimed to bring Fenerbahçe back to the pinnacle of European basketball. Last year, we narrowly missed the Final Four, losing 3-2. This year, with some luck on our side, we made it. Being in the Final Four is a success, but Fenerbahçe is always a top candidate to win the cup. Many fans will join us in Berlin, and our goal is to win the semi-final and, hopefully, the cup for the second time. Sporting success is crucial for giving meaning to our efforts. We are happy and at peace, but we are also hungry and working harder than ever.”

On the mid-season coach change:

“It was a difficult decision to part ways with a top European coach mid-season and bring in another leading coach. We started with Itoudis two years ago and set goals with him. I thank him for his efforts. Sometimes bold decisions are necessary. Our management supported this decision, which was crucial. We had limited alternatives and spent considerable time with our new coach, Jasikevicius, both in person and on the phone. Things have gone well. We won the Turkish Cup and made it to the Final Four. Our main goals, the EuroLeague and Turkish Cup, are still ahead of us. I hope our collaboration with Jasikevicius continues successfully.”

On the semi-final match:

“This Final Four promises to be one of the most exciting in recent years, featuring two Greek teams, Real Madrid, and Fenerbahçe Beko. Tickets are limited, and we apologize to fans we couldn’t accommodate. Our first opponent is Panathinaikos, led by Turkish coach Ergin Ataman. We respect them and their new plans. We’ve had mixed results against them this season, but we are optimistic about our chances. We hope for a match focused purely on basketball. If we reach the finals, we’ll discuss our approach then. Our goal is to assertively pursue this cup.”

Regarding referee performance:

“We maintain constant communication with EuroLeague management and the head of EuroLeague referees. We aim to minimize referee errors and improve overall performance through transparent communication and technological investments. Despite emotional moments, we strive to remain calm and objective, defending Fenerbahçe’s rights. We shared our evaluations throughout the playoffs, and EuroLeague acknowledged any mistakes. We hope for good officiating in the Final Four.”

Thanks to the team:

“I want to thank everyone behind the scenes. Their hard work in increasing revenues, marketing, ticketing, and on-field activities is crucial. I extend my gratitude to all my office colleagues. Well done to all of them.”

Head Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius:

“We are happy to be here. One of our biggest goals was to qualify for the Final Four. After achieving this, we started focusing on the Turkish League Play-Offs.

“We reached the Final Four with Calathes’ key three-pointers. Preparing for each match the same way, regardless of the opponent, is crucial. We know Ergin Ataman well and have faced him many times. Our goal is to put the players in the best position and anticipate how the opponent can harm us.”

“We haven’t focused much on Berlin yet, as we have Turkish League matches ahead. Keeping players fit and alive is essential. We will work on details about the opponent later.”

On team improvements:

“We try to understand our strengths and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments. We’ve improved in rebounding and attack, though defense needs work. This is an ongoing process, and forming a bond with the team takes time. Our veteran players adapted well, helping to establish this bond.”

Personal emotions:

I have strong ties to Panathinaikos and Greece. However, I must focus on my job and set emotions aside to win the cup. Maintaining rhythm is vital, as we were in great form in Monaco. We need the same form now.”

Player Nigel Hayes-Davis:

“It’s a great honor to qualify for the Final Four. Basketball is a challenging game, and winning the fifth game in overtime is significant for all of us. Now, we need to do our best in Berlin.”

On team chemistry:

“Team chemistry develops over the season. Working with a second coach requires time for adaptation. We’ve broken many records, both as a team and individually. Our goal is to play our best basketball in April and May.”

Nick Calathes:

“We had a challenging season, but we achieved our main goal of qualifying for the Final Four. Despite difficulties, we are very happy.”

“Our bond with the players is strong, like a family. This unity contributes to our success.”

On upcoming matches:

“All teams in the Final Four are strong and deserve to be there. Panathinaikos has experienced players, and Real Madrid and Olympiakos are very experienced. These will be tough matches, but we are prepared.”

Personal reflections:

“Playing against Panathinaikos is emotional for me, as Greece is my second home. However, I am focused on delivering great basketball and making it a memorable match.”

In conclusion, the Fenerbahçe Beko team is determined and optimistic as they approach the Final Four, aiming to bring the cup home once again.


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