Fantasy Challenge picks for round 41 (Playoffs game 5): Our teams become Green.

Fantasy Challenge picks for Round 41 (Playoffs Game 5): Our teams are now Green.

In the playoffs phase, most of the points were scored by players from the game between Panathinaikos and Maccabi. Therefore, for round 41, which comprises the last games of the playoffs, I opted to primarily select players from Panathinaikos and some from Maccabi for my teams. On the second day of the playoffs, we have Barcelona vs Olympiacos and Monaco vs Fenerbahce. From these two games, I selected players who had accumulated enough points in their previous matches to include them in my fantasy challenge teams, assigning them as substitutes. For coaches, I chose Grimau Roger for the low-budget team as the cheapest option, and Ergin Ataman for both the mid-budget and high-budget teams, being the most expensive. Now, let’s delve into the three teams I’m recommending for round 41:

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 5 (Round 41).

My starting five features K. Nunn (as captain), L. Brown, I. Papapetrou, M. Grigonis, and M. Lessort. K. Nunn showcased an impressive performance in the last game, indicating good form; I anticipate he’ll replicate his success in game 5. I. Papapetrou continues to improve steadily, while L. Brown serves as Maccabi’s primary offensive threat (alongside J. Nebo). M. Grigonis possesses the potential to earn us significant points, particularly if he excels in scoring from the perimeter, while M. Lessort has consistently accumulated more than 24 PIR in every game against Maccabi.

On day 2, if day 1 doesn’t go as planned, we’ll complete our team with R. Rubio, G. Papagiannis, S. Mckissic, N. Calathes, and T. Biberovic. Considering his outstanding performance against Barcelona in game 4, I’m contemplating naming S. Mckissic as captain.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 5 (Round 41).

In our medium-budget Fantasy Challenge team, we begin day 1 with a starting five consisting solely of Panathinaikos players: M. Lessort (as captain), M. Grigonis, I. Papapetrou, K. Sloukas, and K. Nunn. For day 2, our lineup comprises J. Blossomgame, A. Diallo, N. Laprovittola, R. Jokubaitis, and M. Jaiteh. Should Lessort fail to accrue sufficient points on day 1, then we’ll designate N. Laprovittola as captain, as he has shown signs of improvement in recent games.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 5 (Round 41).

With a slightly improved strategy, we turn to our high-budget team for the Fantasy Challenge, affording us the opportunity to field 6 players on day 1 and another 4 on day 2, thus maximizing our chances of scoring ample points. Therefore, I’m commencing with K. Sloukas (as captain), L. Brown, K. Nunn, I. Papapetrou, M. Lessort, and T. Blatt, all of whom have demonstrated consistency in previous games.

On day 2, we retain J. Parker as a contingency, who will assume the captaincy role if K. Sloukas fails to deliver satisfactory points, alongside S. Mcsissic, J. Vessely, and A. Diallo.

As previously mentioned, we have selected Ergin Ataman as the coach for our high-budget team.


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