Fantasy Challenge picks for round 35: Euroleague Play-in.

Fantasy Challenge picks for round 35: Euroleague Play-in.

We have the opportunity to recruit players from four teams participating in the Euroleague play-in for fantasy challenge: Baskonia, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Efes, and Virtus Bologna. We’ve established three teams, each with a different budget – one low, one medium, and one high – to compete with our friends and advance in the rankings. While there is an abundance of quality players available, selecting captains proved challenging. Nonetheless, I believe we’ll perform well this week. I anticipate C. Moneke will excel against Maccabi Tel Aviv; he’s displaying signs of improvement and is a key player for Baskonia. S. Larkin, who plays a pivotal role in Efes, should provide an added boost against Virtus Bologna, who appear to be in poor form. W. Baldwin has shown significant improvement over the last few games, and I expect him to maintain good form and contribute the points we need as captain.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 35.

I’ve selected S. Larkin as captain, knowing that if he performs well, he can propel us to the top. The rest of the 6-man squad comprises Markus Howard, who’s been in phenomenal form, E. Bryant, who also showcased brilliant performance in the last Efes game, W. Clyburn, who’s also in good form, M. Costello, who proved himself last week, and J. Nebo, who’s poised for a standout performance against Baskonia. Additionally, I’ve chosen T. Mijatovic as coach, anticipating that Efes will easily defeat Virtus Bologna.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 35.

My selections differ a bit here. I’m starting with Moneke, who I believe will exploit the spaces against Maccabi, creating problems for them. The 6-man lineup is rounded out by M. Costello, E. Bryant, M. Howard, the excellent W. Baldwin, and L. Brown – two guards I expect will score plenty of points.

I’ve chosen Kattash Oded as coach. I believe Maccabi Tel Aviv is in better shape than Baskonia, although both teams are excellent. Due to the home-court advantage, I anticipate they will secure the win.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 35.

In the high-budget team, I’ve once again opted for the certainty of Tomislav Mijatovic as coach, while I’ve appointed W. Baldwin as captain. In this team, we have the flexibility to position J. Nebo as our starting center, S. Larkin as our second guard, and M. Howard as our third guard. Additionally, we’ve constructed a robust baseline with T. Shengelia and B. Colson.


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