Fantasy Challenge Picks for Round 34 of the Euroleague.

Fantasy Challenge Picks for Round 34 of the Euroleague.

We have one last round remaining in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, and we are gradually adding picks to the teams in the Fantasy Challenge that will also participate in the upcoming playoffs. While these changes will remain open for the playoffs, we have included players like W. Clyburn, M. Costello, F. Campazzo, J. Hernangomez and M. Wright, who appear to be in great form and will assist us in achieving a high ranking or competing effectively with our friends.

Given that some teams in the final round may seem indifferent to the result, as they have already been eliminated from playoff contention and the play-in, it presents an opportunity to select players who are motivated to compete at a high level.

Regarding the coaches, we have chosen Luka Banchi for our low-budget team, Željko Obradović for the medium-budget team, and Tomislav Mijatović for the high-budget team. I anticipate that Efes will leave no room for Crvena Zvezda and will secure a dominant victory.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 34.

In our Low-Budget team, we’ve added M. Lessort and J. Hernangomez while retaining M. James as captain. For the second day of the 34th round, we’re keeping A. Avramovic and M. Costello on our bench. L. Banci steps in as the coach of the team, with a chance to secure a win against Baskonia.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 34.

In our medium-budget Fantasy Challenge team, we’ve added F. Campazzo, as he is showing signs of improvement and might start providing us with good points. We’ve also included D. Musa and M. Wright, who have been performing well recently. We’ve opted to retain the same coach, Željko Obradović, as I believe he will lead the team to victory against the weaker Valencia on the last day of the season.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 34.

We’ve added W. Clyburn and N. Laprovittola to the High-Budget team, and we’ve changed the coach since M. Alex didn’t perform well in the 33rd round. Consequently, we’ve appointed W. Clyburn as the captain for the first day, as he’ll likely play a decisive role in Efes’ home game against Crvena Zvezda. For the second day of the 34th round, we’re keeping T. Shengelia as the captain, as he’s been in quite good form lately.

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