Fantasy Challenge Picks for Round 33 of the Euroleague.

Fantasy Challenge Picks for Round 33 of the Euroleague.

Our selections for three different teams in the Euroleague Fantasy Challenge for Round 33 are based on the outcomes of the previous round. Witnessing Hayes-Davis shatter the Euroleague scoring record by notching 50 points against Alba Berlin, we’re compelled to include him in our picks. Additionally, the resurgence of K. Sloukas and T. Shengelia makes them indispensable choices for our teams.

The absence of B. Davies from Valencia creates a golden opportunity for D. Inglis to secure a spot in a budget-friendly Fantasy Challenge team. Meanwhile, despite M. James’ recent lackluster performances against Monaco, we remain hopeful that he will break out against Zalgiris.

Regarding frontline players, the decision comes down to G. Yabusele, Hayes-Davis, and Y. Fall. PJ Dozier and F. Kaminsky stand out as excellent options if they’re available for your roster.

As for coaches, the top contenders for victory undoubtedly include Željko Obradović, Mubru Alex, and Messina Ettore. They are driven to secure wins against formidable opponents, knowing that point differentials could prove crucial down the line.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 33.

We designate M. James as the captain for the first turn in Round 33 and maintain W. Tabares as the captain for the second turn against Baskonia at home. Our selections are rounded out by Kendrick Nunn, who shone against Virtus Bologna, Yabusele, who seems to be in good form, and Blossomgame, who has the potential to inflict damage against Zalgiris. Additionally, we’re investing in E. Bryant, who has the ability to score plenty of points in the derby against Fenerbahce.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 33.

We select K. Punter as the leader for the first turn of Round 33 of the Euroleague. He exhibited remarkable performance against Olympiacos, and in the 33rd round, he faces Alba Berlin, currently at the bottom of the standings, making him an ideal choice for the medium-budget team in the Fantasy Challenge. Partizan is in dire need of a victory and has a significant opportunity to secure one with a considerable margin. I believe K. Punter will play a pivotal role in achieving that. For the second round, we retain the excellent Hayes-Davies as captain, while L. Brown, Ojeleye, Rivero, K. Sloukas, and S. Ibaka complete the team.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Round 33.

For our formidable team, we’ve assembled a five-man squad with a strong likelihood of scoring sufficient points on the first day and a four-man team for the second day comprising M. Lessort, T. Shengelia, N. Mirotic, G. Yabusele and K. Sloukas. We’ve chosen N. Nedovic as the captain for the first round, as his team is facing Olympiacos and is expected to achieve high score in Performance Index Rating (PIR). The first five is completed by J. Mattisseck, A. Avramovic, J. Blossomgame, and Y. Fall, all of whom have been performing well recently. On the second day, we’ll select N. Mirotic as captain since he appears likely to perform strongly against Bologna, with his team needing the win.


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