Fantasy Challenge picks for playoffs game 4 (Round 40).

Fantasy Challenge picks for playoffs game 4 (Round 40).

Our three teams performed exceptionally well in Round 39 of the Fantasy Challenge, with the team that accumulated the most points being our low-budget team. As we approach Game 4 of the playoffs, we are faced with the reality that we can no longer select players from Real Madrid, who secured a 3-0 victory and advanced to the Final 4. Consequently, we will make the necessary adjustments to maximize our point potential.

On the first day of the playoffs, Olympiacos will face Barcelona, and Maccabi will play against Panathinaikos. I have identified some players whom I believe will excel on Day 1. Conversely, on Day 2, we only have Fenerbahce’s match against Monaco. Our objective is to assemble a 6-team squad comprised of players participating on Day 1, allowing us the flexibility to then complete the teams with players from Day 2 matches.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 4 (Round 40).

For the coach of our low-budget team, I’m retaining Sarunas Jasikevicius, who earned us 20 points yesterday. As for the captaincy, I’ve opted for Kentrick Nunn, whom I anticipate will play a pivotal role in Panathinaikos’ offense against Maccabi, potentially securing substantial playing time and a noteworthy score. On the first day, the team comprises M. Wright, L. Brown, I. Papapetrou, J. Webb, and L. Vildoza.

Moving on to the second day, May 3, if K. Nunn doesn’t yield sufficient points, we’ll appoint M. James as captain. The team will be supplemented by D. Motiejunas, A. Diallo, and T. Biberovic, all of whom performed exceptionally well in yesterday’s Fenerbahce match against Monaco.

2. Mid-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 4.

Josh Nebo delivered an impressive 68.20 points in Game 3 (Round 39), and I’ve decided to retain him as Captain once again, considering his standout performances for Maccabi. Anticipating Panathinaikos’s reliance on perimeter shooting, I’ve rounded out the team with M. Grigonis, I. Papapetrou, and K. Nunn, while selecting W. Hernangomez as the second center and T. Satoransky as the second guard from Barcelona.

For the second day, we’re keeping M. James as captain, with the team complemented by J. Blossomgame and T. Biberovic. I’ve appointed Ergin Ataman as coach, recognizing the potential for significant point gains if Panathinaikos manages to overcome Maccabi.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 4.

For our high-budget team, I’ve chosen to captain M. Lessort, given his consistent performance as the only Panathinaikos player to achieve over 25 points in each of the three games against Maccabi. Additionally, I’ve opted to have Ergin Ataman as our coach, hoping he can offer us 20 points in the fantasy challenge. Completing the first-day squad is a formidable five-man lineup consisting of K. Sloukas, L. Brown, J. Nebo, I. Papapetrou, and K. Nunn.

Looking ahead to the second day, I’ve selected players who have demonstrated strong performances and could serve as capable replacements should the need arise. Therefore, I’ve included T. Biberovic, J. Blossomgame, and N. Hayes-Davis in the lineup, with the latter being named captain if Lessort fails to accumulate sufficient points on the first day.


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