Fantasy Challenge picks for playoffs game 3 (Round 39).

Fantasy Challenge picks for playoffs game 3 (Round 39).

Our high-budget team performed admirably in Round 38, whereas the low-budget team struggled in the Fantasy Challenge. As we approach Round 39, Game 3 of the playoffs, I’ve taken a closer look at the matchups and made some strategic adjustments aimed at maximizing our point potential. Once again, I’m recommending three different budget teams that I believe will excel in Round 39. I’ve reintroduced K. Sloukas, recognizing him as a pivotal player for Panathinaikos against Maccabi. Additionally, I suggest considering I. Papapetrou, who displayed promising performances in the previous game. Despite D. Musa’s underwhelming performance against Baskonia, I advise against trading him due to potential point losses.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 3 (Round 39).

For our low-budget team, I’ll select J. Nebo as the starting center, given his price drop following a disappointing performance against Panathinaikos. I believe he is a key player for Maccabi, much like L. Brown, whom I’ll start on day 1. Additionally, J. Cohen presents as an excellent budget-friendly option for low-budget teams. Completing the day 1 squad are K. Nunn, J. Parker, and O. Da Silva. On day 2, we’ll field S. Rodriguez, E. Okobo, M. Costello, and D. Musa. If L. Brown underperforms on day 1, I’ll designate Musa as the captain for day 2. For the coaching position, I’ve opted for Sarunas Jasikevicius, anticipating that Fenerbahce will leverage their home ground advantage in game 3 against Monaco.

2. Mid-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 3.

When I have the chance, I place two centers on day 1 so that I can keep the better-performing one for the next day. So, since I had the teams set up in Round 38, I can take advantage of this opportunity. I believe J. Nebo is a player capable of earning us a lot of points, as he demonstrated in game 1 against Panathinaikos, and I will name him as the captain for day 1. The team is completed by K. Nunn, W. Hernangomez, M. Grigonis, B. Colson, and J. Dibartolomeo.

For day 2, I will retain J. Blossomgame, M. James, T. Biberovic, and C. Chiozza. As you can see, if J. Nebo doesn’t perform well, we will designate M. James as captain for day 2. I have kept Ergin Ataman as the coach, as I believe he can secure another win against Maccabi.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 3.

K. Sloukas rejoins our High-Budget team, having delivered two stellar performances against Maccabi and emerging as the key player in their matchups. Therefore, I’ll select him as captain on day 1, as he truly deserves it. The squad is rounded out by L. Brown, M. Lessort, W. Hernangomez, and I. Papapetrou. Additionally, we’ll field 2 Centers on day 1, which works in our favor, allowing us to keep the one who accumulates the most points.

On day 2, we’ll retain G. Yabusele, J. Blossomgame, D. Musa, and V. Marinkovic, with D. Musa designated as captain if K. Sloukas underperforms on day 1. I’ll stick with Chus Mateo as coach, considering the possibility of Real Madrid sweeping the series at home against Baskonia, taking a calculated risk with this choice.


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