Fantasy Challenge Picks for Euroleague Playoffs: Game 1.

The Euroleague Playoffs commence on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, featuring the initial matchups: Real Madrid versus Baskonia and Panathinaikos against Maccabi Tel Aviv. On the subsequent day, April 24, 2024, Monaco contends with Fenerbahce while Barcelona squares off against Olympiacos. Let’s create our fantasy challenge teams.

For day 1, my strategy revolves around including players from Panathinaikos and Real Madrid in my teams, given that both Maccabi Tel Aviv and Baskonia are teams that tend to yield a high number of points, thus enhancing the likelihood of achieving significant scores.

On day 2, I plan to retain M. James as captain in case of any setbacks on day 1. As for coaches, I intend to opt for R. Grimau, E. Ataman, and C. Mateo, representing low-budget, medium, and high-budget options respectively.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 1.

For the low-budget Fantasy Challenge team, I’ve selected Grimau Roger as the coach, opting for a cost-effective option with a high probability of victory against Olympiacos. As for the day 1 captain, I’ve chosen F. Campazzo, whom I believe is primed for a standout performance against Baskonia, while keeping M. James reserved for day 2 as a backup plan. Our day 1 team comprises H. Hernangomez, M. Grigonis, M. Costello, K. Nunn, and S. Rodriguez.

On day 2, alongside M. James, I’ve added J. Parker, D. Motiejunas, and O. Da Silva, assembling a competitive lineup aimed at accumulating sufficient points for Game 1 of the Playoffs.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 1.

As long as our budget permits, I suggest investing in a stronger frontline for our medium-budget Fantasy Challenge team. Additionally, I’ve selected E. Ataman as a coach as I believe he stands a good chance of winning the first game against Maccabi Tel Aviv, leveraging the advantage of the hot OAKA home court. For the captain on day 1, I’ve opted for Kentrick Nunn, considering his consistent performance and ability to score against any opponent. Completing our team lineup for day 1 of the playoffs are V. Poirier, D. Mitoglou, G. Deck, M. Grigonis, and J. Dibartolomeo.

On the second day, we’ll stick with M. James as captain and round out the team with W. Hernangomez and J. Blossomgame.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 1.

For our high-budget team, we have the flexibility to select the most expensive coach in the Fantasy Challenge, namely C. Mateo, along with strong players at all positions. Starting on the first day of the playoffs, I’ll pick M. Lessort, G. Yabusele, M. Hezonja, and D. Musa, while selecting K. Sloukas as the captain, given his recent excellent performance. To complete the team for the 1st day of the playoffs, I will include V. Marinkovic.

Moving on to Day 2, we’ll keep M. James as captain in case K. Sloukas underperforms on Day 1 and fill in with T. Biberovic. Since C. Alocen and K. Antetokounmpo are playing on Day 1, we’ll keep them as substitutes in case they provide a few extra points.

You can view the teams I’ve selected for the 2nd day play-in match between Baskonia and Virtus Bologna here.


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