Fantasy Challenge Picks for Euroleague Game 2 playoffs (Round 38).

Fantasy Challenge Picks for Euroleague Game 2 playoffs (Round 38).

After Game 1 of the playoffs, I’ve selected several players for our Fantasy Challenge teams. I’m favoring J. Blossomgame, D. Motiejunas, J. Nebo, and W. Hernangomez from the first round. These players appear well-suited to their matchups and have a strong chance of performing well in the second game, potentially earning us plenty of points. Once again, I’m not keen on F. Campazzo, so I’ll replace him. Additionally, I’m removing M. Hezonja because he didn’t play well against Baskonia. Regarding coaches, I’ll stick with the options from Game 1, expecting that both E. Ataman and R. Grimau will capitalize on their home-court advantage.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 2 (Round 38).

For the first day of Game 2 of the playoffs, I’m choosing Kentrick Nunn as captain to start, despite his underwhelming performance in Game 1. With W. Baldwin absent and Panathinaikos heavily relying on him in the offense, I anticipate he’ll contribute significantly. Completing the starting lineup are D. Musa, J. Hernangomez, M. Costello, S. Rodriguez, and C. Miller-McItyre, all of whom made substantial contributions in Game 1.

For Day 2, I’m maintaining E. Okobo, J. Parker, D. Motiejunas, and O. Da Silva. E. Okobo serves as an alternate captain in case K. Nunn doesn’t perform well on Day 1. I’ve retained R. Grimau as coach, expecting Barcelona to defeat Olympiacos in Game 2.

If you lack confidence in K. Nunn, you can easily designate C. Miller-McItyre or D. Musa as captain, as they both present excellent options.

2. Mid-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 2 (Round 38).

In this scenario, I’ve retained the players who performed well in Game 1, with the exception of K. Nunn, whom I anticipate will excel in Game 2. I’m starting with the selections of J. Dibartolomeo, K. Nunn, M. Grigonis, B. Colson, and C. Chiozza. For the captain on Day 1, I’ve chosen J. Nebo, who delivered an excellent performance against Panathinaikos, and I believe he will replicate it.

We’re keeping the same coach, E. Ataman, as I predict Panathinaikos will secure a victory against Maccabi Tel Aviv this time at home.

For Day 2, I’ve added J. Blossomgame, completing the changes with T. Biberovic, M. James, and W. Hernangomez. If J. Nebo doesn’t perform well on Day 1, we’ll designate M. James as captain on Day 2.

3. High-Budget Fantasy challenge team for Playoffs game 2 (Round 38).

On our High Budget Team in the Fantasy Challenge, I’ve made some changes because we lacked a good second center. I decided to remove K. Sloukas, despite his great performance in Game 1, and add L. Brown primarily due to W. Baldwin’s absence, which should grant him more playing time and opportunities. Additionally, I replaced M. Hezonja as I believe he doesn’t fit well in the game against Baksonia, choosing to retain G. Yabusele instead. The first day of Round 38 features M. Lessort as captain, along with D. Musa, G. Yabusele, L. Brown, V. Marinkovic, and C. Alocen.

We’re keeping Chus Mateo as coach, as he generously offered us 20 points in Game 1. For the second day, our lineup includes W. Hernangomez, T. Biberovic, J. Blossomgame, and M. James. Naturally, if there are any issues with our captain on day 1, we’ll designate M. James as captain on day 2.


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