Fantasy Challenge Picks For Euroleague Finals - Round 43.

We have reached the end of this year’s Euroleague, and now it remains to be seen who will win the title in the grand final and who will take third and fourth place in the minor final on May 26. Real Madrid faces Panathinaikos in the final, while Fenerbahce will face Olympiacos to determine who will take third place. Our Fantasy Challenge teams have done quite well this year, and we will once again choose three different combinations for all budgets. For the low-budget Fantasy Challenge team, we start with Saras as coach, as I believe Fenerbahce will not lose to two Greek teams in the Final Four, and Olympiacos may not pursue victory with as much passion since their goal was the final. For our high-budget Fantasy Challenge team, we’ll go with Ergin Ataman’s pick, as I personally think Panathinaikos will win in the final. If you believe more in Real Madrid, of course, you can go with the Chus Mateo selection.

1. Low-Budget Fantasy Challenge team for Euroleague Final.

For our Low-Budget Fantasy Challenge Team, we start with Saras Jasikevicius as coach, as mentioned in the foreword. For our 6-man roster (since 6 players get 100% of the points and the rest get 50%), we select players from Real Madrid’s final against Panathinaikos. We nominate D. Musa as captain, who stood out in the game against Olympiacos. For center, we choose M. Lessort, who has had almost double-digit PIR in every game since the playoffs. For guards, we select the explosive K. Nunn, the excellent defensive J. Grant, and the experienced F. Campazzo. Finally, our frontline is rounded out by D. Mitoglou.

On our bench, we have G. Larentzakis, S. Sanli, R. Fernandez, and N. Sestina.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy Challenge Team for Euroleague Final.

For our medium-budget Fantasy Challenge Team, we will again choose Saras Jasikevicius as coach, while M. Lessort will be the captain. Our team will be completed by K. Sloukas, D. Musa, G. Yabusele, K. Nunn, and S. Wilbekin. On the bench, we will have G. Larentzakis, T. Biberovic, P. Kalaitzakis, and S. Sanli.

S. Wilbekin didn’t perform well against Panathinaikos, going 0 for 6 from 3-point range and achieving a PIR of -9. However, I believe he will play better against Olympiacos and possibly score more points. Fenerbahce will play for their prestige, and we should see a good game.

3. High-Budget Fantasy Challenge Team for Euroleague Final.

Now, let’s look at the High-Budget Fantasy Challenge Team for the Euroleague Final. I will captain K. Sloukas, as he performed excellently in the playoffs. Although he didn’t get much time in the game against Fenerbahce due to a recent injury, Ergin Ataman protected him, and I believe he will get more time in the grand final against Real Madrid, potentially providing a lot of points for our team.

Our Fantasy Challenge team is completed by M. Lessort, E. Tavares, M. Hezonja, K. Nunn, and D. Musa. I have chosen Ergin Ataman as our coach. As I mentioned at the beginning, if you think Real Madrid will win the final, you can choose Chus Mateo instead.

On the bench, we have M. Guduric, I. Papapetrou, S. Rodriguez, and P. Kalaitzakis, all capable of giving us some extra points in our High-Budget Fantasy Challenge Team for the Euroleague Final.


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