Fantasy Challenge Picks for Euroleague Final 4. (Round 42).

The teams that have made it to the final four are set, and theoretically, the game where the players will score the most points is the one between Panathinaikos and Fenerbahce. That’s why I’m primarily focused on picks from these teams for my fantasy challenge teams. Again, we have three different formats: one low-budget, one medium, and one high, to cover as many combinations as possible. In the Real Madrid vs Olympiacos game, as Olympiacos will most likely rely on their defense again, I mainly chose the strong Real Madrid forwards who could potentially make a difference and F. Campazzo as he appears to be in good shape.

For coaches, I will go with the selection of the best, who are, after all, the favorites to lead their teams to the final, none other than Ergin Ataman and Chus Mateo. We did pretty well in the last round of the playoffs, although some picks didn’t work out. Let’s take a look at our fantasy challenge teams for the Euroleague final four.

1. Low-budget Fantasy Challenge team for Euroleague final 4.

Let’s delve into the Fantasy Challenge team with a low budget. Here, I’ve opted for Ergin Ataman as coach, considering Panathinaikos as the theoretical favorite to advance to the Euroleague final. F. Campazzo (Captain) is the player poised to play a catalytic role for the Madrid team against Olympiacos. Our low-budget team is rounded out by M. Lessort, currently the best center, K. Nunn, who is displaying excellent form, M. Hezonja, S. Wilbekin, and J. Hernangomez. Both M. Hezonja and S. Wilbekin have a promising chance of scoring many points, given their scoring prowess. J. Hernangomez showed signs of improvement against Maccabi in game 5 of the playoffs, and I’ve left him as a question mark due to a calf problem. If we learn that he will miss the Final 4, a good alternative is I. Papapetrou.

In the substitutes, as we are less concerned about the performance of players from the 7th spot onward, I’ve included Y. Madar, K. Antentokounmpo, R. Fernandez, and N. Sestina, hoping they can contribute a few points at least.

2. Medium-Budget Fantasy Challenge team.

In our medium-budget team, I’ve opted to strengthen our frontline by including D. Musa and G. Yabusele. I’ve chosen K. Nunn as the captain, considering him Panathinaikos’ primary offensive weapon in recent games. The team will be rounded out by K. Sloukas, M. Lessort, and I. Papapetrou. As for the coaching position, Ergin Ataman will lead our Medium-Budget team, and for substitutions, we’ve included S. Rodriguez, Y. Madar, T. Biberovic, and K. Antetokounmpo.

In our medium-budget team for the fantasy challenge, we’re relying on the scoring prowess of Kentrick Nunn, as well as the consistent performance of M. Lessort. K. Sloukas also presents a strong option as captain, and we anticipate Real’s forwards to contribute significantly to the point tally.

3. High-Budget Fantasy Challenge team.

Now let’s move on to our High Budget team, where I’ve selected two strong centers along with a formidable frontline and substitutions. Our team will be led by M. Lessort as captain, as traditionally, Fenerbahce has struggled against opposing centers, and Lessort has consistently scored many points in recent games. E. Tavares will serve as the second center, while N. Hayes-Davis, M. Hezonja, K. Nunn, and K. Sloukas will complete the lineup.

For substitutions, I’ve included T. Dorsey, I. Papapetrou, S. Llull, and T. Biberovic. As for the coaching position, I’ve chosen Chus Mateo, considering that Real Madrid has the best chance of reaching the final.


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