EuroLeague's Twitter Account Locked Due to Technical Issues.

EuroLeague’s Twitter Account Locked Due to Technical Issues.

EuroLeague Twitter Account Sees Sharp Drop in Followers.

The official EuroLeague Twitter account has experienced a significant drop in followers and has been “locked,” leading to confusion among fans. According to the social media manager of the event, a technical problem is to blame.

Drastic Decline in Followers.

On Thursday morning (May 23), the EuroLeague Twitter account had less than 200 followers. Throughout the day, the number of followers fluctuated but remained very low, causing concern among the community.

The EuroLeague Twitter profile:

Explanation from the Social Media Manager.

According to the social media manager of the EuroLeague, the account’s low follower count is due to a technical issue. This problem has caused the account to be “locked,” preventing the accurate display of all followers. The manager explained that the situation is expected to be resolved within the next few hours.

“Our account was locked yesterday for no apparent reason. It should be back to normal tomorrow after multiple requests if anyone is wondering,” he said.

The gradual reset of the account means followers may not immediately reappear, but the issue is being actively addressed. Fans are advised to stay tuned for updates as the EuroLeague works to restore normal operations.


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