Euroleague Showdown: Panathinaikos vs. Real Madrid - Joe Arlauckas Weighs In.

Just before the big title “battle” in this year’s Euroleague between Panathinaikos and Real Madrid, Sportal turned to Joe Arlauckas, who made his own prediction for the winner.

A Legend from the 1990s.

In the 1990s, Joe Arlauckas played on the European floors, forming one of the best duos of that time with Arvydas Sabonis. This duo led Real Madrid to many titles.

Towards the end of his long journey on the court, Arlauckas also played in Greece for AEK (1998-99) and Aris (1999-00), completing his active career as an athlete with these teams.

From Player to Commentator.

Now the veteran ace from Rochester, New York, works as a commentator on the official channel of the Euroleague and is in Berlin for the big date of the competition, the Final 4.

The Big Game: Panathinaikos vs. Real Madrid.

His enthusiasm for the event was huge, which was also reflected in the conversation we had, on behalf of Sportal. Arlauckas made his own prediction for Sunday’s grand final, focusing on the high level of the two gladiators.

“I don’t make predictions. I know a team from Spain or a team from Greece maybe if they win the game. It will be a great final. It will be a big game. Both teams play very well offensively. The game they gave in Madrid was amazing and I think we will see the same on Sunday,” were his words.


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