EuroLeague: Chus Mateo Named Coach of the Year.

EuroLeague: Chus Mateo Named Coach of the Year.

Chus Mateo has been named the EuroLeague Coach of the Year for the 2023-2024 season, marking a significant milestone in his coaching career. Mateo, who led European champions Real Madrid to a remarkable first-place finish in the regular season, continued their success with an emphatic 3-0 run to the EuroLeague Final Four.

This accolade comes as no surprise, considering Mateo’s exceptional leadership and strategic prowess throughout the season. His ability to guide Real Madrid to the top of the standings and navigate them through the challenging playoff rounds demonstrates his immense skill and dedication to the sport.

Notably, this achievement marks a departure from the previous two years, where the Coach of the Year award was claimed by Giorgos Bartzokas. Mateo’s recognition underscores his impact on the team and his contributions to their success on the European stage.

Looking ahead, the EuroLeague Final Four promises an exciting matchup between Real Madrid and Olympiakos in Berlin. Not only will this semi-final clash be a repeat of last year’s final, but it will also serve as a showdown between the league’s top coaches.

In addition to Mateo’s honor, Ergin Ataman secured second place in the Coach of the Year voting, with Oded Katash following closely behind in third. It’s worth noting that Giorgos Bartzokas was among the coaches who received votes, further highlighting the depth of talent among EuroLeague coaches.


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