Chus Mateo: "We haven't achieved anything yet".

Chus Mateo and Gabriel Deck discuss strategies ahead of the EuroLeague playoff third game against Baskonia (Wednesday, 6:30pm UTC). Mateo emphasizes the challenge of playing at the Buesa Arena, highlighting the need to approach the game with a fresh mindset: “It’s one of the most formidable venues in Europe. Their enthusiastic fans provide strong support for the team. We’re approaching this game as if it’s a clean slate. We haven’t achieved anything yet. We must acknowledge the formidable talent on their home court and focus solely on the task at hand.”

Deck echoes Mateo’s sentiments, stressing the importance of maintaining focus and determination throughout the playoffs: “We have a positive atmosphere within the team, but we need to translate that onto the court. Every game presents a new challenge, and we cannot afford to underestimate any opponent.”

Analyzing the series progression, Mateo acknowledges the team’s solid performance but highlights areas for improvement, particularly defensive stability and minimizing turnovers: “We’ve executed our game plan well so far, but there’s room for improvement, especially in our defensive structure and ball control. We must remain vigilant and work together as a unit.”

Anticipating the opposition’s strategy, Mateo emphasizes the need for adaptability and mental resilience: “We must be prepared for any scenario during the game. Mental toughness is crucial in the playoffs, and we must maintain our focus and intensity regardless of the game’s initial outcome.”

Discussing the challenge posed by Baskonia’s key player, Marcus Howard, Mateo emphasizes the team’s collective responsibility in containing his threat: “Howard is a formidable opponent known for his scoring ability. We must remain consistent in our defensive efforts and not be discouraged by his success. Our focus should be on cohesive team defense, rebounding, and individual matchups.”

Echoing Mateo’s sentiments, Deck emphasizes the team’s need for unwavering focus and intensity: “We’ve approached the first two games with determination, particularly in neutralizing their bench players and dominating the boards. As we head into this crucial game, we must maintain our focus and treat it as a fresh start.”

Mateo underscores the importance of controlling key aspects of the game to neutralize Baskonia’s strengths: “Our focus should be on limiting their impact players and disrupting their rhythm. We must match their intensity and remain fully committed to our game plan.”


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