Chris Jones in Talks with Fenerbahce and Virtus.

Chris Jones is currently in negotiations with Fenerbahce and Virtus, according to Israeli journalist Arel Ginsber. Despite being under contract with Valencia, Jones, who prefers to play in the EuroLeague, has garnered interest from several teams.

Contract Details.

Jones remains under contract with Valencia, but the buyout clause makes the deal expensive for some interested parties. As of now, no serious offers have been made.

Potential Transfer.

While many teams are eyeing Jones, the financial aspect of his buyout remains a significant hurdle. His preference for continuing in the EuroLeague adds to the complexity of the situation.

2023-2024 EuroLeague Stats with Valencia Basket.

  • Points: 12.7
  • Rebounds: 2.1
  • Assists: 4.2
  • Steals: 1.2
  • Blocks: 0.0
  • Performance Index Rating (PIR): 13.3


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