Calathes to Monaco, Ibaka to Panathinaikos, Brown to Real: Rumors Run Wild

The transfer bargaining between teams has kicked off early, and rumors about players who might be on the move are already heating up. Some rumors seem closer to reality, while others appear to be wishful thinking or attempts to inflate player prices ahead of the upcoming demand. But what’s the real deal?

Let’s delve into the possibility of Serge Ibaka signing with Panathinaikos. It’s no secret that Panathinaikos is looking to bolster its center position, and official sources are eager for this to happen even before the conclusion of the Greek league. Consequently, it’s anticipated to occur promptly. Analysts in the field view Serge Ibaka as an ideal candidate for this role. With his ability to play fewer minutes than Lessort, coupled with a distinct playing style, Ibaka would undoubtedly help Panathinaikos address the significant gap on their bench. While all these points hold true, nothing has been confirmed yet, neither the club’s contact with the player nor his potential signing.

Serge Ibaka signed a one-year contract with Bayern Munich last September.

The likelihood of Nick Calathes signing for Monaco appears to be higher. There seems to be an offer on the table for the player, which is under consideration, and perhaps the two parties have reached an agreement. Monaco, who are unlikely to renew with Kemba Walker, as he has already signed a one-year contract worth $2.2 million, are actively seeking a guard, with Nick Calathes currently leading the race.

Nick Calathes signed a contract with Fenerbahçe for the 2023-2024 season worth $1.591 million annually.

As for Lorenzo Brown at Real Madrid, rumors have been circulating for a while. Assuming both Vincent Poirier and Mario Hezonja leave the team, it would provide Real Madrid with ample opportunity to acquire a top-class player. Real Madrid needs to strengthen their guard position, as Facu Campazzo is the only one receiving significant minutes in that role. They seem to have depth in other positions with G. Yabusele, G. Deck, and D. Musa, and they are also pursuing the renewal of E. Tavares.

Lorenzo Brown, however, is under contract with Maccabi Tel Aviv until 2026, with an annual salary of $1.5 million.


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