Bruno Caboclo's Unexpected Departure from Partizan: A Repeat of History?

Bruno Caboclo’s Unexpected Departure from Partizan: A Repeat of History?

Bruno Caboclo Leaves Partizan Before Finals.

Bruno Caboclo took time off from the team, leaving Belgrade shortly before Partizan began their “battles” in the finals of Serbia with Red Star. He headed to Orlando, citing unconfirmed obligations with the Brazilian national team.

A Pattern of Behavior.

This is not the first time that Bruno Caboclo has agreed to one commitment and decided to pursue another. The Brazilian forward had signed with Italian side Venezia in the summer, but after his impressive showing at the World Cup, he decided not to honor his deal, instead pursuing a more lucrative transfer. This time, he left Partizan, citing obligations with his country’s national team in Orlando, United States.

Partizan’s Frustration.

His departure has enraged the Serbs, who are reminded of a similar incident involving another player last year. About this time, a year ago, just before the finals of the Serbian championship, coach Zeljko Obradovic was looking for Tristan Vukcevic, but he couldn’t find him. The Serbo-Greek forward/center had gone for training in Washington, returned some time later, and this year, in the middle of the season, he requested his release and became a player of the Wizards, who had selected him in the 2023 Draft.

Management’s Response.

Now, shortly before the start of the series of finals with Red Star, Caboclo left Belgrade. The management of Partizan, apart from being furious, also issued a relevant announcement regarding his departure.


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