Brandon Davies to Sign with KK Partizan Mozzart Bet.

Brandon Davies to Sign with KK Partizan Mozzart Bet.

Brandon Davies is now a free agent and is set to sign with KK Partizan Mozzart Bet. The player is ready to sign a two-year contract.

We are in the final stages of the negotiation. This deal is considered done.

Brandon Davies’ New Chapter.

Davies, known for his impressive performances in European basketball, will bring significant experience and skill to his new team. He had a solid season with Valencia, showcasing his talents and consistency on the court. His presence will undoubtedly strengthen KK Partizan Mozzart Bet as they aim for success in the upcoming seasons.

2023-24 Season Stats:

During the 2023-24 season, Davies showcased his abilities with impressive statistics:

  • Games Played (G): 28
  • Games Started (GS): 18
  • Total Minutes Played: 626:03 (Average: 22:21 per game)
  • Points (Pts): 338 (Average: 12.1 per game)
  • 2-Point Field Goals (2FG): 114/211 (54%)
  • 3-Point Field Goals (3FG): 15/49 (30.6%)
  • Free Throws (FT): 65/81 (80.2%)
  • Rebounds (Total): 107 (Average: 3.8 per game)
    • Offensive Rebounds (O): 32 (Average: 1.1 per game)
    • Defensive Rebounds (D): 75 (Average: 2.7 per game)
  • Assists (As): 56 (Average: 2.0 per game)
  • Steals (St): 23 (Average: 0.8 per game)
  • Turnovers (To): 55 (Average: 2.0 per game)
  • Blocks (Κοψίματα): 17 (Average: 0.6 per game)
  • Fouls Drawn (Fv): 76 (Average: 2.7 per game)
  • Fouls Committed (Cm): 87 (Average: 3.1 per game)
  • Performance Index Rating (PIR): 343 (Average: 12.2 per game)

With such strong statistics, Brandon Davies is expected to make a significant impact at KK Partizan Mozzart Bet.


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