Baskonia vs. Virtus Bologna: Play-in Round 2 Game Prediction and Analysis.

Baskonia vs. Virtus Bologna: Play-in Round 2 Game Prediction and Analysis.

Virtus Bologna has made a remarkable comeback following a period of lackluster performance and poor results. They secured a victory against Efes in the first round of the play-in, keeping their playoff hopes alive and securing the 8th place spot. To solidify their position, they must win at home against Baskonia in the upcoming match scheduled for Friday, April 19, 2024, at 18:30 (UTC). Just a few days ago, these two teams met in a double-overtime thriller where Baskonia edged out Virtus Bologna with a score of 91-95 during the regular season. Given their recent encounter and the evenly matched roster capabilities of both teams, I anticipate a similarly closely contested game, likely to be decided by fine margins.

Baskonia: The Latest News and Status Update.

In a game that failed to meet the expectations set by Baskonia in recent times, the team suffered a defeat in the first round of the Play-in against Maccabi Tel Aviv on neutral ground in Belgrade, with a score of 113-85. Defensively, they displayed numerous vulnerabilities, allowing their opponents to score easily from various positions, with L. Brown and W. Baldwin emerging as standout players for Maccabi Tel Aviv. However, their fortunes took a turn for the worse in the second quarter when Baskonia star C. Moneke sustained an injury, casting doubt on his availability for the upcoming match against Virtus Bologna.

Baskonia’s strong performances in the Spanish league and Euroleague came to an abrupt halt, raising concerns about their future trajectory. Can they muster a response in this crucial match, which holds significant psychological importance as well, and capitalize on their home advantage? In the Euroleague regular season, they recorded 6 wins and 4 losses in their last 10 games. An important factor to consider for betting purposes is that Baskonia possesses the third-worst defense in the Euroleague, trailing only behind Alba Berlin and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Current News and Status of Virtus Bologna.

Virtus Bologna has recently experienced a decline in performance, marked by poor results in their recent matches. Over the last 10 games in the Euroleague regular season, they managed only 2 victories, a trend that nearly pushed them out of the top 10 rankings. However, this negative streak came to an end when they secured a crucial victory against Efes on the road in Round 1 of the play-in, keeping their playoff aspirations alive. In their upcoming match against Baskonia, they aim to secure a win that would open the door to the playoffs, a match of double importance as they currently sit in 10th place after losing to Baskonia in their last encounter.

Virtus Bologna’s morale has been rejuvenated, presenting them with a favorable opportunity to defeat Baskonia in the 2nd round of the play-in. They possess a strong roster and comparable quality to their opponent. Based on their performances in the first round of the play-in, it appears that Virtus Bologna is more focused and prepared to compete for the 8th place spot. If the match unfolds with a slower tempo, emphasizing defensive play, Virtus Bologna stands a good chance of emerging victorious at the Buesa Arena.

Baskonia Vs. Virtus Bologna: Betting tips.

I’ll focus a bit on C. Moneke’s situation after his injury against Maccabi Tel Aviv. It’s unlikely he’ll play or if he does, he’ll receive limited minutes due to his poor condition. Consequently, Baskonia will undoubtedly lose a significant amount of momentum as he’s a player they heavily rely on. On the flip side, Virtus Bologna boasts T. Shengelia and I. Lundberg in good form, a duo that poses a considerable threat to Baskonia. Personally, I anticipate a contentious match with fluctuations in the scoreline. However, considering Baskonia’s defensive vulnerabilities, I believe Virtus Bologna will ultimately emerge victorious and secure a spot in the playoffs.

Prediction: Baskonia vs. Virtus Bologna: Virtus Bologna to win with a handicap of -2.5.

Regarding player performance, there’s an opportunity to construct a promising bet builder to maximize potential earnings from this match. I’ve identified key players from both teams and outlined the following betting options:

Bet Builder:

  • Over 1.5 3-pointers made: I. Lundberg
  • Over 12.5 points: C. Miller-McIntyre
  • Over 5.5 Rebounds: M. Costello
  • Over 18.5 points: T. Shengelia

The Bet Builder offers odds of 26.

Baskonia Vs. Virtus Bologna: Lineups

Below, you will find the lineups of the teams.

Baskonia Lineups


  • Markus Howard – #0
  • Chris Chiozza – #3
  • Joseba Querejeta – #4
  • Codi Miller-McIntyre – #10
  • Jordan Theodore – #25


  • Sander Raieste – #2
  • Aleksandr Savkov – #6
  • Tadas Sedekerskis – #8
  • Vanja Marinkovic – #9
  • Daniel Diez – #11
  • Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos – #17
  • Pape Sow – #19
  • Vit Hrabar – #33


  • Khalifa Diop – #18
  • Maik Kotsar – #21
  • Matthew Costello – #24
  • Seydina Faye – #39
  • Chima Moneke – Doubtful – #95


  • Dusko Ivanovic

Virtus Bologna Lineups


  • Isaia Cordinier – #00
  • Iffe Lundberg – #1
  • Marco Belinelli – #3
  • Alessandro Pajola – #6
  • Bruno Mascolo – #14
  • Rihards Lomazs – #19
  • Daniel Hackett – #23


  • Ognjen Dobric – #13
  • Tornike Shengelia – #21
  • Jordan Mickey – #25
  • Achille Polonara – #33
  • Awudu Abass – #55


  • Devontae Cacok – #15
  • Ante Zizic – #41
  • Bryant Dunston – #42


  • Luca Banchi

Watch the highlights of Virtus Bologna’s game against Baskonia in the regular season on the official Euroleague YouTube channel.


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