Barcelona Shifts Focus from Mario Hezonia to Kevin Punter.

Barcelona Shifts Focus from Mario Hezonja to Kevin Punter.

New data in Barcelona, with the Catalans not willing to activate the agreement with Mario Hezonja, turning their attention to the case of Kevin Punter.

A Hot Summer in the European Market.

This summer is “hot” in the European market, with Mario Hezonja being one of the names that have drawn all eyes on them. His contract with Real Madrid expires this summer, and he is looking for the next stage in his career, while he has an agreement with Barcelona for the next four years.

In Barcelona, they are furious with the player due to his statements at the end of the ACB finals against Murcia. More specifically, Super Mario said, “In Madrid, they welcomed me with open arms, when they said bad things about me it was a lie, and I would like to repay all that affection with more years of success. I would like to give Real Madrid and our fans many more titles in the coming years. I hope it happens.”

Complications Arise.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the team leaders do not want to activate the agreement signed with the player for the next four years. In the Blaugrana camp, they believe that the player is using the club to raise Real Madrid’s offer, aiming to stay in the Spanish capital with more money.

The people of Barcelona made it clear that there is no signature on a contract with the player. However, at the same time, there are contracts signed both by Hezonja himself and by people from Barcelona, ​​with the document even bearing the seal of the club.

Barcelona’s New Target: Kevin Punter.

For this reason, Barcelona is said to be determined to cancel any kind of agreement with Hezonja for the coming season and turn to other cases. One of the team’s main targets is Kevin Punter, who is expected to leave Belgrade to continue his career in Barcelona. The two sides even had a breather from the agreement, but it broke down at the last moment when Željko Obradović stepped in and convinced the player to stay in the Serbian capital with a two-year contract.


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