Barcelona Seeks Out-of-Court Settlement with Nikola Mirotic and Cory Higgins.

Just before the dispute heads to court, Barcelona is seeking an out-of-court settlement with the representatives of Nikola Mirotic and Cory Higgins, to whom they owe money following their release last year.

Unresolved Financial Issues.

When Barcelona announced last summer the termination of its partnership with Nikola Mirotic, who eventually ended up in Milan, financial issues related to the player’s compensation needed to be settled. The same applied to Cory Higgins. However, these matters were neglected and left unresolved. Now, they need to be addressed.

Contract Details and Compensation.

The Spanish-Montenegrin star had two more years left on his contract with the Catalans, and the American had one, but both ended up leaving the club. The total amount of compensation stipulated in their initial agreements with Barça (Mirotic until 2025 and Higgins until the summer of 2024) was 23 million euros. Almost 10 million for the former and 3 million for the latter.

Out-of-Court Settlement.

Obviously, Barcelona will not pay them 23 million euros, the entire remaining amount, but according to a Spanish report, the club does not intend, nor does it want, and it is not in its interest for the matter to go to court. Therefore, the Spanish club is opting for an out-of-court settlement with the athletes’ representatives to satisfy all parties involved in this situation.

Players’ Current Situations and Claims.

Both Mirotic, who now has an expensive contract with Milan, and Cory Higgins, who has a serious injury problem and did not play at all last season and may retire at 35, share these amicable intentions. Neither will demand the full amount of their compensation but will certainly claim a portion. Higgins will seek a larger portion, while Mirotic will aim for a smaller share.


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