ALBA Berlin vs. Partizan: Round 33 Match Prediction.

ALBA Berlin will host Partizan in Round 33 of the Euroleague at the Uber Arena on April 4, 2024, at 18:30 (UTC). The guests are in desperate need of a win, and by a significant margin, to enhance their slim chances of entering the Euroleague Play-in. They currently sit just one win away from 10th-placed Efes and two wins away from 9th-placed Baskonia. On the final day, they will play at home against Valencia in a match that may determine which of the two teams will advance to the play-in, although the remaining results are favorable to both teams.

Partizan has a 3W-13L away record, and in their last two matches, they are playing on the road, which means they will need to overachieve to secure victories. Their theoretically easiest game is in Round 33, when they face the last-place ALBA Berlin at the Uber Arena. This game presents them with an opportunity to improve their point differential compared to other play-in contenders, as they currently stand at -44 (PTS+/PTS-).

The latest news from Partizan.

In the Euroleague round of 32, Partizan faced Olympiacos in a game where Partizan held the lead from the first minutes until the end of the third quarter. It seemed like they would secure the win at Stark Arena, but Olympiacos surged ahead in the 4th quarter and clinched victory with a final score of 69-74. The tactical prowess of G. Bartzokas, combined with Partizan’s fatigue, led to this critical defeat. Now, Partizan must make a breakthrough in the last two remaining games, both of which are away matches, a setting they have struggled with this season.

However, in the upcoming match against Alba Berlin, they have an opportunity to both secure a victory and significantly improve their point differential if they win by a considerable margin. This is the primary betting point I’m considering, alongside other potential developments in the game. It’s highly likely that Partizan will field a full roster against Alba Berlin, with a strong chance of Z. Leday returning, which would undoubtedly bolster their offensive options. However, the substitute T. Vukcevic will be absent.

The latest news from Alba Berlin.

Alba Berlin has been facing a string of defeats, with their last success coming 10 games ago on the 23rd against Crvena Zvezda, at home. Since then, they have experienced only losses, although they have shown improvement in their gameplay, at least making it challenging for their opponents. In the upcoming game against Partizan, aside from prestige, they are not aiming for anything specific, with victory not being imperative. However, this doesn’t mean they will approach the match passively. I predict an open game, with a focus on offense, and both teams have the potential to score a lot of points.

Looking ahead, Alba Berlin’s future remains uncertain. They have had a tough year with just 5 wins in the Euroleague and 27 losses, mirroring the record of ASVEL Villeurbanne, but with a worse point differential (PTS+/PTS-) at a negative -333. Against Partizan, they will not field a complete lineup, as two of their key players, main center J. Thiemann and power forward Y. Wetzell, will be absent.

In Week 32, they faced Fenerbahce on the road and suffered a significant defeat with a score of 103-68, with N. Hayes-Davis scoring 50 points against them, breaking the Euroleague record for points in a single game.

ALBA Berlin vs. Partizan: Round 33 – Who will win?

I believe the outcome of this match is quite evident, especially with Partizan having all their offensive weapons available. I anticipate that F. Kaminsky, K. Punter, Z. Leday, and PJ Dozier will play pivotal roles in this game and significantly widen the point difference. Among the home team players, S. Brown stands out, displaying promising form in recent matches, along with C. Koumadje, who will step in for J. Thiemann.

Prediction: ALBA Berlin vs. Partizan – Partizan to win with a handicap of -12.5 points.

Bet Builder:

The data available for the ALBA Berlin vs. Partizan match presents an opportunity to construct a robust Bet Builder with a high probability of success. My focus shifts to two Partizan players whom I believe will shine in the game on April 4, considering that Z. Leday’s performance is uncertain following his absence in Partizan’s last three matches.

Here’s our Bet Builder for ALBA Berlin vs. Partizan:

  • Over 20.5 points: K. Punter
  • Over 12.5 points: F. Kaminsky
  • Over 5.5 rebounds: F. Kaminsky
  • Over 3.5 assists: K. Punter
ALBA Berlin vs. Partizan: Round 33 – Who will win?


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